Colin and Kristin Franger started Blue Bus Cultured Foods in May of 2014. After years of experimenting with fermentation in their home kitchen (beer, mead, yogurt, krauts and other veggie ferments, kombucha, ginger soda, sourdough, etc), they decided to make the leap and start their own business. After about a year of perfecting recipes and finding a certified kitchen, the business was launched.

Blue Bus makes kombucha and various types of veggie ferments. Blue Bus stands firm on sourcing locally, using only organic ingredients, keeping their products as close to home as possible and making the best fermented foods they can. They operate a small farm in White Salmon, WA, where they grow produce all destined for the fermentation tanks. The remainder is sourced from their local farmer friends whenever possible.

The name? There was once a 1973 blue VW bus. It was Colin and Kristin's fun-mobile, and still brings back memories of camping, cooking on an old Coleman stove, traveling to stunning locations and taking in all of life. Although Colin and Kristin are more settled these days (with a business and their beautiful young daughter), the bus lives on. It still reminds them, even amidst busy lives, to slow down and enjoy the simple things: family, friends and of course, good food.