Welcome to the Blue Bus Blog!

When you are constantly on the journey of managing a business, the daily stories can sometimes get lost in the fray.  These stories are the ones that keep us forging (foraging!) through the thickets of every day to discover something new. We have decided that we are ready to share this narration with you, so welcome to the Blue Bus Blog!

The Blue Bus founders, Colin and Kristin (and their team) have long been on a quest to connect more with their community and with the land that they exist upon. Their ferments and concoctions are products of their innate desire to know how to dance with the seasons, to grow food, and to put together creations that are pure examples of the craft of food. They know the story of their products goes way beyond making a jar of kraut, but instead, there is a deeper history of microorganisms from soil all the way to food preservation.

Woven within this process of food growing and creation is the day to day of how we do it, why we do it, where we do it, and who we do it for and with. This blog is here to tell you these stories, talk food, community, small business building and to share with you the greater importance of connection with what we eat and who we support along the way. Join us!