Dear Farmers' Market, we love you.

Oh the wonderful rise of the Farmers' Market. Farmers' Markets have really come into their own over the last 10 years or so and thus have become a hub of community meet-ups in smalltowns, big cities, and all the places in between.

The real story behind farmer’s markets is a thing of beauty - when you see the behind the scenes journeys that all go into them. Farmer’s and artisans of all kinds wake up early to stack their vans with fresh picked fruits and veggies, the bakers pull their hand-shaped goodies out of the oven, and the Blue Bus team loads up their trusty Toyota truck with fermented veggies, kegs of kombucha, and (if you time it right) baskets of hand-picked mushrooms. They show up in the early morning sun, setting up booths to showcase all the treasures they have to share.

The rise of outdoor markets in the U.S. is a cultural shift back to the way it used to be before the mainstream large grocery store came onto the scene. It is a place for the community to connect, to support the local economy, and to have a visually enhancing experience while shopping for ingredients to cook with.

For Blue Bus, the market is a social day that puts a face to their infamous fermented foods and allows them to connect with customers directly. It is also a time to give life to their smaller batch creations. These are recipes that are made in micro quantities, and mostly only showcased on the table of the Farmer’s Market booths (they rarely make it to the grocery store shelves).

While being surrounded by their friends and fellow farmers at the market, Colin & Kristin attain new ingredients, chat small biz, and get to hear the stories of how others eat their kraut or even what healing properties have come from people's experiences eating it.

The Farmer’s Market is a consistent place to come together weekly in the lively months of the growing season. The importance of shopping locally goes beyond the amazing foods they have grown for us. It is also an act that spreads out as a cultural importance in growing community and swapping stories.

Check out Blue Bus Cultured Foods and all the other amazing farmers & artisans in Hood River every Saturday morning, from 9-1 across from Full Sail.

Cheers to Good Food.