Seasonal Bounty - Spring Tonic Kraut

Spring came in with a whistle in late April and everyone in the Columbia Gorge seemed to wake up in all its glory as we embarked on the seasonal shift. The hills slowly started melting and the earth started giving us treats to nibble on and concoct recipes with. This time of year always has me hankering for things to eat that are fresh, for food that has a snap to it, food that is green by nature. Thus, I would say, it is the perfect time of year to open up a jar of Blue Bus’ Spring Tonic Kraut!

Blue Bus adds in a seasonal kraut to the array of their other fab 5 krauts that are consistently on the menu, and the Spring Tonic is making it’s second go around this year. With wild harvested nettles, burdock root, and leeks, this kraut answers all of my spring foodie dreams. Nettles are a far superior herb that is rich in nutrients and vitamins that balance the liver, combat allergies, activate the metabolism, and generally tone the entire system. Early spring nettle tops are the crème de la crème for herbalists and chefs, as you harvest them within a short window of time. Burdock root is also a special cleansing herb that possesses a host of medicinal qualities. It is known for treating stagnation in the body after long cold winter’s as well as for its yummy snappy flavor.

Blue Bus’s Spring tonic kraut is consists of that favorite kraut flavor, with the addition of fresh. local bounty. This is the time to add fresh, tangy, crisp ingredients to your plate, and this kraut will answer what your body and taste buds are calling for.

Pick it up at the Blue Bus shop, the Hood River Farmer’s Market or select local grocers.

Cheers to Good Food.