Introducing: Ocean Kraut!

We’re so excited to share Ocean Kraut with you all! It’s our newest seasonal recipe to hit the shelves. We’ve been thinking about making this kraut for years and finally whipped up a batch earlier this summer. Ocean Kraut is a grounding medley of green cabbage, seaweed, burdock root, nettle and ginger.

It’s been a hot summer in the Gorge and we recently ventured to the Oregon coast for a few days of cooler temperatures. You know that magical feeling you get from a refreshing ocean breeze? That’s what we think of when we open a jar Ocean Kraut.

This is our first time using sea vegetables in Blue Bus kraut! We elected to use dried Wakame and Dulse seaweed in this recipe to bring you a little piece of the ocean. Dried nettles from Trout Lake, WA accompany the seaweed as are a nod to our home, the Columbia Gorge. Each spring we spend hours foraging for nettles to make krauts and kombucha. Dried burdock root and sliced ginger round out this tasty kraut. Sound familiar? Fans of our Spring Tonic Kraut will surely like Ocean Kraut.

Whether you’re a seaweed novice or a tried and true enthusiast, pick up a jar of Ocean Kraut and give it a try!

You can find Ocean Kraut in the Gorge (Farmstand, Rosaures, Hood River Farmers Market, the Blue Bus shop) and in Portland (Alberta Co-op and People's Co-op).

Cheers to good food.